How to Order

Click here for a list of all Simply the Harp publications.

To order printed music or CDs directly from Simply the Harp, there are two options below. 

Also, PDF downloads are available by calling us and/or by going to Melody's, Atlanta Harp's, VA Harp's, Sylvia Woods' websites. Links and Resources.

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Download the order form as an Excel spreadsheet, fill it out (it's good to save it on your computer), and email the completed file to  We will mail the music and an invoice (to pay by check or credit card).

  • Click here to open the PDF file.
  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, print & complete the order form, and mail it with a check to:

    Simply the Harp

    495 Timber Valley Road

    Atlanta, GA 30342

  • You can order our publications from Melody's, Atlanta Harp, Kolacny, Sylvia Woods, and Lyon & Healy West using links on the Links and Resources page.