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Angi's Story

Angi Bemiss became a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) in January 1998.  Since then, as a therapeutic musician, she has provided thousands of hours of live therapeutic music to create a healing environment.  She plays the harp at the bedside and in the medical departments of hospitals, plus in hospice, memory-care, and home settings.  In addition, she regularly plays for weddings, church services, and community events.  She is also a popular workshop presenter at harp conferences across the country.  In April 2020, she completed the IHTP course of study and is also now a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP).

Angi has been a musician for most of her life.  She studied the piano beginning at the age of 6 and was a church pianist for many years.  (Her first piano teacher was her mother, pictured above.)  During her school years she also played other instruments, including the flute, oboe, and guitar.  Kevin and Angi met in high school band in Satellite Beach, FL.  In 1989, Kevin surprised her with a harp (and lessons) for their 10th wedding anniversary.  It was at this point that her life as a musician took a meaningful turn.  With the harp, Angi realized that she would have the opportunity to quietly serve others with the peaceful and unique sound that comes from its strings.

Almost from the beginning, it was her desire to play the harp in hospitals.  Kevin and Angi have lived in Atlanta since 1992, and Kevin is a retired nurse.  He worked at Northside Hospital for many years, and Angi has played there for over 20 years!  In 2019, Angi retired as a partner and CFO of a management consulting firm. (She has a BS in Business Education and an MBA.)

Angi has recorded a series of four CDs entitled "Simply the Harp."

I - Peaceful Songs

II - Lullabies & Tranquil Songs

III - Contemplative Songs of Faith, and

IV - Quiet Songs of Christmas.

She has a comprehensive harp repertoire (~1,000 songs), and she has published over 570 of those arrangements in sheet music and book format through her publishing company Simply the Harp.

One of Angi’s favorite quotes states that "life without music would be a mistake," and she has found the experience of playing the harp to be rewarding in ways that are beyond description.  Truly, her life has been blessed by the opportunity to provide harp music for a variety of settings and audiences (from one-on-one at a patient's bedside to church services and large social gatherings).