Simply the Harp

Making it complicated is easy.  Keeping it simple is an art.*

Welcome to Simply the Harp, publisher of ~550 harp arrangements by Angi Bemiss.

Our goal is to PUT A COMPLETE REPERTOIRE INTO YOUR HANDS (pardon the pun!).

We have several recent publications, and many more are in process:

   1. Secret Garden Favorites #1 (Nocturne, Sometimes When It Rains, Adagio by Rolf Lovland)

   2. Morning Alleluia (Marcia Good)

   3. Minaret (Marcia Good)

   4. A Mother's Prayer (the Gettys)

   5. Artemisia

   6. Is He Worthy?

   7. He Will Hold Me Fast

   8. The Lord Bless You and Keep You

   9. My Little Welsh Home

Click here for a list of all Simply the Harp publications.

Other popular publications from recent years include:

Essence of "The Swan" - Balfour Knight's adaptation of the theme from Saint-Saens' "Le Cygne/The Swan." It's beautiful & miraculously lever-free!

You Raise Me Up - made popular by Josh Groban

Wonderful Tonight - by Eric Clapton

Gabriel's Oboe - by Ennio Morricone, from the movie "The Mission," one of the loveliest pieces ever written

Don McLean Favorites - Vincent (Starry, Starry Night); And I Love You So

Sarah McLachlan Favorites –Angel; Last Dance

‘Twas the Night from the Hallmark Channel Film “Angels and Ornaments”

And So It Goes by Billy Joel

The Music of Friends Book #2 - a much-requested second collection of contemplative music from favorite harpist-composers.

Our collection includes ~145 sheet music publications and 13 books, for a total of 560+ arrangements (a complete repertoire!). Everything is published for both C tuning & Eb tuning. The sheet music includes both keys (front & back), and the books are available in either C or Eb.

Click here for a list of all Simply the Harp publications.

*a paraphrase from Frank Lloyd Wright